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This is where you'll find some of my original work. Check back in from time to time to see the newest pieces added here.

14 Craft Breweries Worth the Drive From Montreal

Road tripping has always been more about the journey than the destination, but maybe now we can finally say it’s all about the beer. These 14 locations were scouted as some of the best microbreweries worth the drive from Montreal – and none of them failed to satisfy. For those a little further away, we recommend packing an overnight bag and making a weekend out of it.


27 Great Montreal Restaurants to Try on Mondays

Finding a restaurant that’s open in Montreal on a Monday night can be a frustrating guessing game — you might get a hit for one out of every five searched. Fear not, however, because not every notable table in the city is closed to start the week.


The Best Bars and Restaurants in Pointe-Saint-Charles

Once known as a predominantly working-class neighbourhood, Pointe-Saint-Charles is changing rapidly. Formerly inhabited by (mostly) immigrant Irish industrial workers who helped with the construction of the Lachine Canal, the neighbourhood remained firmly working class even as gentrification started creeping in. It's now made up of both old and new places to eat and drink, many of which are rather affordable, although with a few high-end spots sprinkled in. Behold: the Point’s food & drink highlights.


12 New Cafés to Check Out in Montreal

(Fall Edition)

Our heavily caffeinated metropolis can’t seem to shake its addiction for delicious brew and creative new spaces. Here’s a list of the newest coffee shops to pop up since early Spring 2018.


The Best Bars for Business Drinks in Montreal

These 14 places are top choices for grabbing a drink and in some cases a small bite after work. Unsurprisingly, bars most suited to the business crowd are heavily located right in the downtown core, with a few outliers from Little Burgundy to Mile End.


Where To Eat and Drink in Villeray

The relatively residential northern neighbourhood of Villeray, with its charmingly leafy streets, has seen a big boost in the last 15 years or so. An array of cafés, bakeries, and neighbourhood haunts have settled in — but for all the cool young things, there are still longtime favourites. Here are some of the best of both worlds.


Wonderfilled Magazine

A few years back I wrote a couple of Montreal-based articles for the first edition of Wonderfilled Magazine. You can find my work on pages 22-27 and 48-57 (plus photography on pages 32-35).

wonderfilled logo.jpeg

Chef Juni talks Saka-Ba!, Ramen, and Mtl’s New Wave of Izakayas

As Japanese pubs continue to explode on the Montreal scene, savvy diners have become increasingly aware of the full range of Japanese cuisine. And while it unfortunately took longer for our own humble island to catch on to the izakaya trend, we’ve been slowly gaining ground on Toronto and Vancouver.


The Tastemakers: Na’eem Adam

Stepping into the dimly lit Café Social on Montreal’s Saint-Viateur Boulevard on a cold winter morning, six-foot-three entrepreneur and social media magnate Na’eem Adam shook my hand and humbly apologized for being a few minutes late.


Portraits of Montreal:


the Human Side of Our City


Satay Brothers:

Masters of Montreal's Singaporean Street Cuisine


History Lesson: Expo 67

On April 28, 2012, the city of Montreal celebrated the 45th anniversary of a landmark event that forever changed its history.


Lufa Farms: Farming for a Better Future in Montreal

Flooded by a sea of high-powered lights, an expansive new facility on top of an industrial complex in Laval houses a fascinating assortment of tomatoes and other vegetables, each grown using a complex system owned and operated by Montreal-based Lufa Farms.


Adventures in Japan (2010-2011)

Have a look at the travel blog I had while living in Japan. The site features many photos and written accounts of my experiences throughout the year.

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